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Financial Modelling Services | VidVox

Financial Modelling

“The best financial models are simple enough for anyone to understand, yet dynamic enough to handle complex situations.”
– Tim Vipond
Financial Modelling is a tool built-in-excel that is used to forecast a company’s future performance based on historical financials of the business or start-up nature of the company. It includes detailed company-specific models that cover budget forecasting and reporting, valuation models, and industry analysis, thereby helping in decision making and risk mitigation.
If you are an organization still wrangling with the proliferation of spreadsheets, VidVox can smoothen the work process for you with its advanced financial modelling services. Addressing objectives like financial forecast, budget + cost analysis, cash flow projection, risk evaluation, and business worth, the models worked on by our team are relatively simple that promote clarity in assumptions and conclusions. Backed with rich experience, we shall make the foundation of your monetary plans stronger than before!

Who Can Benefit From Financial Modelling?

Whether it’s an organization trying to raise finance for projects or CEOs/MDs who want to analyse which companies to make investments in, different entities can benefit in different ways from financial modelling. It also benefits start-ups, SMEs, and multinational companies for internal decision making (budgets), valuation projections, debt control, and in foreseeing future raw material needs or capital investing needs.
Pro-Tip: Financial models are a roadmap, using which you can reach your destination with wiser financial choices and decisions.
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